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Superior Contrast in HD Quality


Combined video- laser projection in real-time

Live synchronisation of laser outline and video data

Access to 4 laser tracks and up to 16 video tracks

Free positioning of the laser- video output in your projection area

Geometrical picture adaptation on arched or spherical projection surfaces

Comfortable remote control via DMX or Art-Net



VLP-3D: pioneering projection system worldwide.
Live synchronisation of laser outline and video-data in real-time.

Logos or commercials, outlined with laser, offer the sharpest contrast
on almost every projection surface or also to a video in background.

Point- Selective distortion parameters for laser and video output allow
an immediate set-up on spherical or arched projection screens.

3D effects, colors as well as animations and Video contents can be
integrated comfortably via DMX or Art-Net with remote control
and become a significant part of multimedia shows.

VLP-3D Workstation, developed specially for professional applications and the Coolux Pandoras Box Media-server offer the highest quality, representing one unity of Software and Hardware.

Various interfaces and additional solutions allow an easy remote control as well as the integration of interactive operating elements.

Do you have interest in VLP-3D? … and you wish further information regarding the system itself as well as its projection options - ? Our team will welcome you with all additional informative support.